Build your brand… literally.

Alright people, let’s get serious. We’re about to graduate. We’re job hunting. Want some reality about job hunting and your personal brand?

There is ongoing talk, and I’m sure you’ve heard of it, employers look at who you are online as much as they do on paper (resume). So, is it logical to just go and delete all of your online media presence? Most would assume so, but does that help or hurt? My suggestion: find a balance. Protect yourself and be conscientious about who may be reading what you have to put out there for the world to see. Privacy settings you say? Do you really trust them? It’s time to clean up your photos, download them to your computer and say goodbye to Spring Break documentation on the world-wide-web. But it’s not just about cleaning up, it’s about how you are going to decorate, too.

Decorate… are you asking what I could possibly mean? I thought so. Put yourself out there. I know many of you think Twitter is scary, not intuitive, something only those adults or celebs do. Guess what team, we’re adults now. Twitter is a source for much more than the everyday documentation of your ventures, it’s about expressing your thoughts, opinions, views, branding, networking… It’s leverage for yourself. Don’t know how to use Twitter? Well, better start learning. Don’t tell me you can’t, our generation is notorious for learning by doing. More and more businesses are using Twitter daily. It’s free marketing… shouldn’t you “follow” the same philosophy to promote your personal brand (sorry for the awesome pun)? Yep. And as students, I’m sure you appreciate free services.

So friends, tear it down and build it back up. Your personal brand. Be present, but ensure they like what they see. It probably isn’t that impressive to employers if you have no media identity, so stop DELETING your accounts and make sure you are ADDING the right value. Figure out the side of yourself you want to be exposed and own it! I need to do just the same, and I’m working on it.

Check out Under30Ceo for great tips about branding yourself via Social Media.


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