The Professional Ashton:

My name is Ashton Phillips and am a 22-year-young DFWian currently in my last semester of college. For the first time in my life I don’t know what my next step will be. Scary. So many exciting possibilities, yet so little decision making abilities. All I’m sure of right now is that I ‘m mostly passionate about expressing my creativity and drive through my hard work. So, I thought “why not just start with my personal brand?”

I will be graduating from the University of North Texas this coming May. I’m majoring in Strategic Communications. With my degree in Strat Comm (Advertising) as well as my minor and three years experience as a Marketing Communications Coordinator, I can not only assist, but project manage all of the insanity that comes with the daily grind. I’ve been in charge of schedules, project flow and implementation, as well as worked three conferences in the past. I’m one of those workers who learns your behaviors, preferences and then some through shear observance. With that being said, I’m quick to problem solve before a problem  surfaces, and never forget anything crucial. If anything, I am overly prepared and can anticipate the next steps. Basically, I have some bad-ass initiative and work ethic. Plus, I’m crazy-fun.

The Personal Ashton: Reading and all things movies, media, TV and entertainment are my weaknesses. I love good book with floppy covers, crinkly pages and a great sans serif typeface! Things that make me giddy include: movie trailers, ice cream, winning fantasy football, Adobe programs, my sweet boy, nailing good copy, a good laugh with friends, seeing family, and getting silly on a dance floor.


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